Help me find some providers

Good evening.

I want to build a small company just like which unmasks “No Caller ID” calls and notifies you via e-mail with the number that made the call. What I find is that this subject is something like a “taboo”. I do not understand why. Can anyone tell me which providers I need to work with?

Everyone says that there are providers who give you the information you need in a call, but no one says who these providers are. Is it some form of puzzle which if we’re interested we have to solve first? I do not understand.

Any directions will be appreciated.

I can’t give you any advices on which provider to choose - but as an important sidenote:
What you want to do might be violating local law!
I have no clue about UK law, especially not in this regards, but I know that most countries I’m running telephone services have laws stating that a withheld caller-id must not be presented to “regular” end users and might only be shown to a small numbers of explicitly named authorized endpoints (i.e. police/emergency services).
So you are highly advised to take a look at the approrpiate laws!
Disobeyance of these can lead to a forced disconnect of your service from the telephone network ordered by authorities. As said, at least in some countries.
In regards of UK regulation, Ofcom seems to make no exception on how to handle explicitly withheld Caller IDs in comparison to most other countries (Paragraph 4.23 / Page 9).

In ISDN networks, the feature for caller-id restriction was called “CLIR” (Calling Line ID restriction), whereas the override of the restriction is called CLIRO.
Today, ISDN is dead as Elvis, but the terms are still known in most places, at least in countries that operated an ISDN network :wink: