NPA/Co list with City State and Lat Long Info

I seem to recall a DB of US cos with area codes npa etc served out. CLLI Codes, city, state, and… Lat and Long info…



Is this it

I asked about the DB but based on the other info I see there it is not free. I also asked how accurate it is. Is the Lat long based on the CO or the city?

If the Lat long info is not exact one could just make their own list I suppose.


I dont think this one gives LAT long info but you can do searches on it without paying for it. From waht little I have played with it was always up to date. If you want up to date and accurate info then you are probably going to have to pay for it and I guess this is the link for that

[quote] Kieran,

NANPA does not have latitude/longitude information.

There are several web sites claiming to have that information. Also,
Telcordia Technologies,, offers a product that has the

Thomas C. Foley

How about an International Area Code City State List?

Who would have this information? NAPA wouldnt of course…


Found this one with google