A working CNAM provider?

Is there a currently working, relatively inexpensive, CNAM provider out there that actually does LIDB lookups? I’m not looking for something that only does lookups in an “alternative” database, which only shows where a caller is and (maybe) whether they’re using a cell phone or not.

I was using cnam.info before, but their service provider cut them off due to “suspected abuse”. They’re supposedly coming back this week, but without true LIDB lookups, which is really the only reason I started using their service in the first place.

VoIPCNAM is currently down for the same reason, and they don’t have any indication as to when or if they’ll be up and running again any time soon.

EZcallerID only seems to support use as an SIP proxy, inserting CNAM info from its place in the call setup path. That’s useless to me when dealing with ENUM and (especially) DUNDi calls, and undesirable in other cases… I’ve been caching CNAM info on my end to reduce costs there, and for some numbers I override the CNAM info from a local directory table. I can’t use the CNAM service from my DID provider (Vitelity), even if it could work properly, due to those same reasons. I’ve tried emailing EZcallerID about the possibility of doing HTTP-based lookups, as well as a couple of other things, but they don’t seem interested in responding to email asking questions of any sort. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

I’m aware of Metrostat but, from the only comment about them that I’ve seen (dated only 3.5 months ago), they don’t actually do LIDB lookups either.

It seems I spoke too soon :smile:

cnam.info should be coming back online this weekend with at least indirect access to real CNAM data.