Card X101P change my channel from 2 to 1

Hi people.

Im running asterisk 1.4.11 on Centos 5.0 updated, i install asterisk from scratch, every thing is working, i bought one X101P Card.


Found a Wildcard FXO: Wildcard X101P

Well, if i run lspci, my card doesn’t appear there, is this normal?, the thing is that i can receive calls, the system is working.

Another thing, went i start working with this card, the fxs_ks = 2, running genzaptelconf give me this value, them i start working with asterisk and i could receive calls from outside and transfer those calls to my sip phones, the system was working, but after some loading, restarting, editing extensions.conf, zapata.conf, zaptel start+restart+stop, asterisk+start+restart+reload, rmmod, modprobe, etc, now fxs_ks = 1, is this normal :question:

The other day genzaptelconf setup 2 fxs channels :open_mouth: , something really strange, this happens just twice, right now i just have channel #1 working, i just have my PSTN line + analog phone plug in that card .

I all my doubt, thanks all for your time, greetings :smiley: