Can't delete voicemail


My problem is the following:

sometimes users can’t delete voicemail and we have to do that manually. My asterisk version is under Debian
Can someone tell me in which version this bug is fixed please?
Can I find the fix in the asterisk’s changelog?

Thanks in advance


are you sure its a Bug? have you checked the bug tracker? have you looked ing teh changelog?

what are the file permisions of the messages that cant be deleted ?


I thought it was a bug;
I found this in freepbx forum: “You need to update asterisk. This was a known bug in 1.8.3 where the voicemail count would be offset by one.”

I did not find this in changelog.

What do you think about that?



he does say its a “known” bug, but the bag tracker has no record of it.

upgrade and see if its fixed.

You could test it by doing some dialplans with voicemail count etc