Voicemail notification but does not play voicemail

This is occurring on a few extensions: After a caller leaves voice-mail that extension registers that a message was left but when they go to retrieve the message and press 1 for new message it says “First message” then immediately it says “Press 3 for advanced options” as if they just heared the message, but never plays the message. If they press 7 to delete the message it will not. Since all users have their Voice-mail attached and sent to their email they can listen to it. They also can go to the FreePBX portal and listen to and delete the message just not the phone. I checked the file permissions and all are Asterisk and everything in the folder looks normal. Again this only occurs once in awhile maybe 1 in 200 new voice-mails.
I am running Asterisk on CentOS 4.1.2 FreePBX
Has anyone experienced this and know of an answer?

I had something similar happen when using Asterisk 1.4.23. I think it may have been related to the user web interface to vm.

What was happening is that on occasion the messages in the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default//INBOX got numbered out of sequence and a message number was skipped. In my case renumbering the messages fixed the problem.

I also believe I saw one at least one occasion where the .txt file was there, but no audio file existed.

I never really found the cause, and I am not experiencing the problem any more on Asterisk 1.8.6. I suspect is was an odd interaction with the recording of a new message at the same time the user is using the web interface to delete messages. But I have been known to be wrong before.


THIS! I have run into the same problem as well and in my case re numbering the Messages to start at msg0000.txt/.wav solved the problem. Asterisk seems to re number all the messages when they are deleted so that they all start at 0000 and go up from there.

Good Luck!