Can't Creat new incoming Calling Rules

I’m trying to do some Time of day routing by creating new Time Intervals then implementing those into the Incoming Calling Rules but once I fill out all the obligatory fields in the Incoming Calling Rules I go to the Update Button but all I get is a flashing Cursor. Pressing the Cancel button actually works.
Ideas? Here is the info on the build. I’m using the GUI.
Asterisk Build:
Asterisk GUI-version : SVN–r

This relates to Asterisk GUI, not Asterisk.

Thanks David, Would you know what the CLI commands would be to create the Incoming calling rules in this case.

You create them with a text editor by editing extensions.conf (or extentsions.ael) or one of the file included from them. Hand editing files maintained by a GUI may break the GUI.

thanks, the GUI is apparently broken right now. The only thing I think is logical to do is to do a full backup of the system and then try to reinstall the Asterisk software on my DS system.
I tried to get support for the DS systems but they pointed to Asterisk and obviously Asterisk support wants me to pay some $$$ in order to find a solution. I don’t blame them but this bug is very annoying in the GUI.

I don’t think I have many options at this point. Thanks for all your suggestions.