Problem with incoming call routing in GUI2 with Ast

Firstly, the new GUI is fantastic. Takes a while to find my way around, but it is a vast improvement over the old GUI.

I have outbound calls working quite happily through our SIP provider.

I’m trying to set up routing for an inbound SIP call in the GUI. I’ve added the inbound rule for routing _X. to ext 6000, but when I dial in I get that call to extension ‘08XXXXXXXXX’ does not exist (where the 08XXX… is the number dialled)

I can get round this by editing the extensions file to directly add in default context routing for 08XXXXXXXXXX to extension 6000, but if I do this it means that I can’t then add/modify the routes in the GUI without using the file editor in there.

I’ve trawled here and the mailing list archives, but can’t seem to find the answer so far.

p.s. Would be nice in the gui file editor to have the option to display comments in the edit boxes so can comment/uncomment config lines