Unable to set Incoming Calling Rules GUI

I installed a new box with 1.4.24 and svn new gui. I am able to copy previous .conf for a box that is working, but I am not able to configure this rule with GUI, The service works but is not reporting with GUI. I tried a fresh installation and manually created a new rule but the gui does not show trunk previously created.

Any ideas.

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Any help with this



New install of asterisk and latest SVN’d GUI 2…

Clicking “Incoming Calling Rules” gives a javascript error in pbx2.js (undefined/null)

I’ve had a quick look through the affected functions (getName, getType) and there’s nothing obviously wrong… but the GUI refuses to work.

The GUI is rendered pretty-much useless until this is fixed.

I never had this issue with the previous revision…

Out of curiosity, where is it documented that the GUI supports 1.6?

"The gui currently work with Asterisk 1.6.x, but there are a couple of bugs being worked on now."

The bugtracker mentions nothing of this issue, so it’s either something we’re (me and the OP) doing wrong… or it’s a bug.


In case there is not error, just trunk group infomration is no there. I had try copy .cnf from my other box no good, I had created new user, new rules no good.

Any suggestion?