Incoming Call Rules not taking via GUI

Hi All

Its been a longggg while since I have touched an asterisk box however, below is what I am currently running

Asterisk Build:
Asterisk GUI-version : asterisk-gui-2.1.0-0.rc1.1_centos5

not a very complex install, single SIP trunk to provider etc.

I have basics all running however, I now go to configure “Incoming Calling Rules” via GUI and I click update and nothing happens - update doesnt take (almost like the update button isnt working, which it is as I get the popup “loading” in top right corner of gui) - AM I MISSING SOMETHING? Is there a reason as to why it wont accept the new incoming rule. I dont believe the GUI to be broken or the asterisk install as everything else works - just not the update via GUI and as I wont be maintaining the box myself post initial install I would prefer to do it all via the GUI as it will be simpler for the hands that take over from me. And as we all know playing with the config files outside the GUI when using the GUI has the potential to break things.

Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated. I have looked around and found more users as myself whinging about the issue (much earlier versions) yet cannot locate a fix or reason.

Thanks again

This forum doesn’t really cover GUIs. I’m not sure that there is a forum for AsterkGUI outside AsteriskNOW, but you could try the forum for its use with AsteriskNOW.

However, I would start by using a release quality versionm, rather than a release candidate.

Most people use FreePBX, which is supported at