How to create time based rules in extensions.conf?

Hi, does anyone knows how to create time based rules directly in extensions.conf ?
Can you write a practical example to see the correct syntax please ?
I am using AsteriskNow 1.02 and the “time based rules” voice is not into the web interface menu…


I don’t remember why but there was a reason why it was not in there and it should be in there in one of the next few releases. You can try setting it yourself in extensions.conf using the gotofitime command:

Hi dude !
Its really, really too simple to use the time based rules, only you need to understand is the GotoIfTime() application. i.e

Lets say, if you need to specify, from monday to friday 9:00am to 5:00 pm you have to send calls in one conetext and expect this to another, then you can specify as;

exten => XXXX.,1,GotoIfTime(9:00-17:00|mon-fri||?monday-friday-9am-5pm-context)
exten => XXXX.n.Goto(other-offhours-context,1)

Hope this might solve your problem.