Help with loading new module please

I compiled asterisk-11.2.1 over a year ago and it’s been running well ever since.

I now want to add res_xmpp and chan_motif.

I’ve installed libiksemel+dev+utils.

I ran:
make menuselect (res_xmpp and chan_motif were already selected but I guess they failed to compile originally because libiksemel wasn’t installed)

I copied the resulting and to /usr/lib/asterisk/modules.

However when I try to load, I get the following error:
Module ‘’ was not compiled with the same compile-time options as this version of Asterisk

Have I done anything wrong or omitted any steps? Is there any solution to this problem apart from re-installing the whole of Asterisk? I’m reluctant to do that for fear of breaking a working system!

make install

Thanks for the reply.

Does ‘make install’ install just install the newly-compiled modules or the whole of Asterisk?

The whole of Asterisk, but not the configuration.

That’s it. Many thanks.