AMI command queues not available in asterisk 18?

Hello, I’m trying to migrate an old Asterisk system. It was using a perl script to display the status of queues, using the AMI command Queues.

now the destination system is using Asterisk 18, the documentation states that this command is still available (Asterisk 18 ManagerAction_Queues - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki), but when doing it on the command line, I get this result :


Response: Error
Message: Invalid/unknown command: queues. Use Action: ListCommands to show available commands.

and the ListCommands shows that there is no Queues command, so is the documentation wrong or is there something to activate this command ?

thanks and best regards

you getting a proper answer from Asterisk means your script is still working.

asterisk -rx ‘manager show commands’

QueueAdd Add interface to queue.
QueueChangePriorityCaller Change priority of a caller on qu
QueueLog Adds custom entry in queue_log.
QueueMemberRingInUse Set the ringinuse value for a que
QueuePause Makes a queue member temporarily
QueuePenalty Set the penalty for a queue membe
QueueReload Reload a queue, queues, or any su
QueueRemove Remove interface from queue.
QueueReset Reset queue statistics.
QueueRule Queue Rules.
QueueStatus Show queue status.
QueueSummary Show queue summary.

maybe what you want is QueueSummary

Hello, thanks for your reply.

Yes, the script is still able to connect through AMI, but as the queues command was still listed in the documentation for Asterisk 18, I was expecting it to be there :wink:

Now of course I can modify my script to use QueueSummary, but there is some info missing (like member status)…

I don’t actually see the documentation in app_queue for “Queues”, so I’m not sure why it’s appearing on the wiki. I’ve deleted the page and will see if it comes back.

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well, that seems to be the case for other AMI commands, for example AgentLogoff and Agents, those commands are not available any more… guess must be remnants from older versions… :slight_smile:

AgentLogoff and Agents are available. They are provided by the app_agent_pool module.

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