Can we have multiple sip.conf file

If we want to implement asterisk server for a company having 100000 users, can we have multiple sip.conf file or we need to configure all records in single sip.conf file? Will there be any performance issue for 1 lakh users?

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I would highly recommend you look at using a db engine and not text base storage. Can you split the users between server nodes? That number of users is a lot and the traffic from that host will have some demands. Especially if you have to do a bunch of transcoding or other work.
You can do #includes to basically make separate files which will then parse them as one unit but you can separate them that way.
You may as well be doing a fair bit of tuning as 1 Lakh is far more users than what I would expect default OS limits to accommodate.

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Yeah, I have a kind of same query but how ‘sip.conf’ can be read from a db engine data . The same query remains if we can use #includes based on conditions to divide the list of users in different clusters. Please suggest that kind of db engine suitable for an asterisk server

I use Mysql / Mariadb In a ha cluster with 3 nodes and galera. In theory any odbc connection would work, however the most common and mysql or postgress

Yes you can have multiple sip.conf files.

use the #include statement to include one file from another, you can also combine this with an #exec statement

#include "/etc/asterisk/sip-special.conf"
#exec "find /etc/asterisk/customers -name "sip.conf" -printf '#include %p\n'"

How do i reload sip-special.conf in asterisk cli?

How to integrate db engine with asterisk server?

Yes that would be great as I wont have to reload the server after each inclusion of an user. It will also help the other users from affecting during the reload.
Therefore how the database connection is mentioned in the asterisk server as I couldn’t find a place where the database connection is generated. There are a lot of “.conf” files inside the server.Thanks in advance for your advice

A lakh is a unit that is only really used in India; it is a multiplier of 10,000.

With large numbers of user, you probably really want to spread them over multiple machines, but the number of files included from sip.conf won’t really affect performance, as all the data is read into an internal hash table.

I’ve never used Asterisk Real Time Architecture, so I’m not sure if it is accessed every time or found entries are cached. In the latter case, they will then be accessed the same way as ones read from the file.

‘sip reload’ will reload sip.conf and all included files.

A lakh is 100,000.

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