New user help me

i am very new user to asterisk, i have read some material on asterisk. now i want to develop 2 sip accounts in sip.conf file
and also make extentions of both of them in extension.conf
tell me how can i do this, i am confusing in the sip.conf and extention.conf
files which contains lot of data in it,

what to do with that

leave it

or some data is not important

so please help me so that i can make two simple sip proxy base communication b/w two clients, i know this is a very basic one but as told above i am a new user and get confused so help me in this regard thanks.

read the sticky at the top of the forum. there are links to a free Asterisk book with example configs you can use, and a wiki that is like the starting point for just about any Asterisk query.

i studied from a book, but i got problem in sip.conf file can i delete all the previous information in that file and wirte my own description under the [general] context and start from scratch. thanks