Multiple SIP peers

I need to set up about 1000 lines in the SIP.conf file. Does any body know if there is anykind of wildcard system that will work so I don’t have to enter 1000 extension numbers?

I have no experiece with installations of that size, but as there appears to be no other answears until now, so I try with a few words …

1000 extensions sounds like quite much for a asterisk server with text based config files (??)

I guess there is something called asterisk realtime that is designed for such more heavy use (??) … storyid=28

When it comes to making a number of extensions via a text file, I believe that there is no wildcard fuctions. On the other hand it should not be to difficult to make some kind og program with a loop that can generate out a text based config file with 1000 more or less equal extensions.

My comment is based on the experience with smaller installation only, and by reading the asterisk struff I have been able to find.

Please correct me anyone, that has bether and more updated info. (Because the general question how to make bigger installations is rateher interesting.)

Thae task of making such a configuration file generator (sip.conf) should be not so difficult. But what is the practical limitations for a asterisk server with text based configuration. Anybody who got some more info ?