Asterisk Extconfig Multiple Sippeers

Hi Folks,
This might be a really silly question so I apologise in advance, I was hoping to connect my asterisk install to multiple databases to pull config for sip peers in.
Doing a bunch of searching doesnt yield anything that says I can or cant do this (only how to setup one connection).

Essentially I have a test environment setup using asterisk 16, i have configured the ODBC connections and I can connect to either database (on load both databases connect).
However asterisk only seems to read the sip peers defined last in the ExtConfig file.

If I switch them around it indeed reverses.

Does anyone know if this is even possible or if there is a better way to do this?

Cheers in advance,

p.s. not sure if any of the config is needed but the extconfig file looks like this currently (and the system will connect to ast_test1) :
sippeers => odbc,ast_test2,extension
sippeers => odbc,ast_test1,extension

It’s not possible to do such a thing with chan_sip. It’s just one, likely the last configured.

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Create a view using UNION of those 2 tables in database itself and use that view in extconfig.

Hi Satish,
Its two different databases on two different connections (and in this case two different machines).

Cheers for all the replies folks, I will probably look to just make a local db with an in-memory table and have my other applications write to both places.

You can use Federated engine in MySQL (CONNECT or SPIDER engine in MariaDB) on one machine and eventually you’ll have both the tables on one system.

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