Can I use this PCI card for Asterisk?

Can I use this PCI card for Asterisk? … &iid=45287

What I saw was a common internal fax modem card.

Are you trying to deliver faxes? Because an AGI script could use that card to deliver a fax. But that’s probably all it could do with Asterisk.

That card could not be used to place or receive calls. It doesn’t have the proper digital signal processor to turn voice noise into the 1’s and 0’s that Asterisk works with.

Thank you for the quick responce.

This card (especially the box) looks identical to: … s=&shopid=

This is a link to "Generic X100P Intel IA92 WinModem compatible with X100P. This is the so-called “clone"X100P.” from

Is it the same card?
I know where to buy it for ~$12
If not, what would you recommend to get just to try Asteriks PBX for home? I am interested in VOIP–>PSTN

What you are looking for is an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter). Sometimes, they’re called “gateways”.

Here’s a link to a good supplier.

Most if not all of those can be made to work with an Asterisk server.

The ATA doesn’t exactly have to be a PCI card. It can be a device that you could connect an analog phone line and your network to. The Asterisk would connect through a SIP channel to the analog line or phone. Sipura adapters work this way.

Sure, there is a lot of hardware on the market.
But the price …
I want just to try to see how it works.
The similar card from the reseller you recommended is $130 … cts_id=186

I still do not understand, is this the same $12 card?
At least it looks identical. Should I pay extra $100 just because it is from VOIP reseller?
Is it going to work with Asterisk or I need to buy TDM 400P ?
What is the trick?
What are the recommendations for the beginner?
There are some external gateways from $60 but they are not supported by Asterisk.

I’m afraid that you are mistaken.

They are most definately NOT the same card.

One is a modem.

The others are analog adapters that take spoken words, sample them, digitze the result, and make it available to VOIP software.

Modems can ONLY communicate with other modems.

Unless you can reproduce modem sound with your voice, this card won’t work for you in a VOIP system.

If you’re only trying to figure out the software, and see if it will work for you, I reccomend that you setup a test system and use a softphone.

There are a couple of very good softphone software packages out there that are free. Look for X-Lite and SJphone. They work well with Asterisk, and don’t require an ATA to make them work. … itle=x100p

What are these guys selling, modems or ATA/FXO cards?

I’ve read that digium wants the beginners to buy their $120 cards but they are the same as $10 cards. Is it true?

The ebay product would work fine.

As far as Digium’s motivations, since I don’t work for them, I can’t say what they want or don’t want you to do.

I do know that they no longer make the X100P, so it’s not like they’re making money with those sales anymore. They probably don’t care one way or the other. The cards are still supported though.

The TDM400P has replaced it. It’s a far more functional board with better configurarions.

i have an FXO clone and my system reported it as a modem. heck, for 12 bucks i would buy it just to prove a point.

have to agree with buying a TDM card though … much better way to go, even for home use. mine is due to swap next week !

I can confirm that this card is an X100P clone and works ok. When I say OK though I mean it can have problems with disconnect and echo but for a proof of concept it would work fine, at least it does on my 4 asterisk servers.

I would purchase a true digium product for real world scenario.