PCI Card to purchase?

Could someone recommend me a inexpensive PCI card I could buy for a first-time home user?

I was told the X100P was good, but they seem to be very difficult to get.

The next model is the TDM01B, but that one is $$$!!

Any suggestions?

Let me get this straight now… I need to purchase a TDM400P PCI card, a FXO module, and a FXS module to fit the card.

This will allow me to have a line-in / line-out

In this manner, I should be able to set my PC between the distribution system, and the telephone line in of my house? The PC would then filter all the calls that come into my house?

Is there a cheaper way to accomplish this?

with an ATA, like a Sipura SPA3000. you would use that to answer all incoming calls and pass them off to your asterisk server, and it also has a failover so that if your PBX goes down, calls will ring directly through to your analog phone.

i don’t have one personally, but there are threads here and on the mailing list on how to get one set up and working…that would be my choice for el-cheapo voip/PSTN connectivity.

X100P cards are quite plentiful on ebay. they are inexpensive. quality is not as good I have heard, as the tdm400 or sangoma cards.
for your home phones, you can get an ATA like a sipura 2002 which allows you to plug in 2 analog phones.

X100 cards were always just rebadged voice modems. Once people figured this out, they started buying those modems in bulk and selling them as ‘x100 clone cards’. They are not the highest quality (x100 clones never are awesome) but they usually work. They are sometimes to blame for a wide variety of issues, but for the most part, they work at least most of the time. Common issues include caller-id problems and difficulty removing echo. They are however very cheap, you can get knockoff cards for about $20 or less on eBay. The X100 provides one FXO (connect to phone line) port.