Lerning Asterisk, cheap FXS/FXO cards for freebsd 6.2?

Hi people.

I installed asterisk 1.4.1 + zaptel driver from ports over freebsd 6.2-p5. Now i need to buy 1 card to plug my test line, but i don’t want to buy one TDM400P just to test.

My server is running Intel P4 Dual Core 3Ghz 512RAM Sata Disk, is not a bad system, i already customize my kernel to just let what i need.

Now i just need to know which cheap PCI-card i can buy to start leaning asterisk, i have 1 line at work to test, but don’t want to spend to much money , just want to learn asterisk.

Hope your experienced help to chose the correct card for my purpose.

Thanks all for your time :smile:

I’m also interested on this.

Any help will be appreciated.

Ok looks like we need to share info, i have this tool-kit:

Asterisk VoIP Starter Kit:

digitnetworks.com/product_p/ … t-full.htm

Im waiting this kit to arrive to my hands.

DigitNetworks X100P - FXO PCI Card, looks like we have support for this chip.

Hope this help us J4ime :smiley:

I ended up with an X101P that I bought on line for $30. It works okay, but I had trouble getting it going. Of course it was the dummy trying to set it up rather than the card’s fault.

The biggest complaint I have about it is that sometimes the card answers when it shouldn’t. Like when I’m on a regular extension in my house talking with someone and suddenly the * server answers the line as if a new call were coming in. Outside of that, my setup with this $30 cheap card has been okay. I got to do the testing that I wanted and it let’s me use my * box as my answering machine.


Only for testing purposes, this link is very helpful.

voip-info.org/tiki-index.php … 100P+clone

i remember back in early 05 when i first started playing with Asterisk v1.0 i bought a pile of X100P clone cards for about $10US each… i think i bought about 20 of them to test multicard setups etc…

what i found was that a lot of the cards displayed different problems… extra echo / line noise / hangups etc etc … there was of course a few that seemed to work fine, and they were all fine for testing once we knew that they had limitations, but the TDM400’s are definately the way to go if you are going to be using it on a production basis… the only reason i use the X100(1)P’s now is purely for zaptel timing… not for incoming lines…

good luck