Can i setup asterisk without any additional hardware for LAN

can i setup asterisk without any additional hardware for LAN to use it for intercom purpose?

Please input suggestions

If you’ve got two computers connected via a LAN, you can install softphones on them both and talk from one to the other. In this situation, you don’t even need asterisk for it to work, as one softphone can call the other direct.

Just install Asterisk, setup your softphones like Xten Lite and you can have a hundred of them for nothing with no extra hardware from Digium…

Just have a good LAN, and a good server… you’ll have everything but PSTN Connectivity out of that box directly… But you can always sign up with some crapy Broadband company that says free long distance for just $24.95… :smile:

Trust me… nothings FREE… that $24.95 buys ^%$#^&&^%$#()*

Have fun…

How can he use long distance for just $24.95 if he has softphones on the pc’s?

for 20 personal computers, then will be implementing for PSTN calls.

Actual setup is,the server is Linux <- in which i will install Asterisk,

and the clients are running on Windows 2000 professional.

I decided to go for Asterisk finally :smile:

the softphones yet to decide SJPhone or Xten??

thank you all for the suggestions

I can suggest you giving firefly a try ( It’s a good windows softphone.

dont forget idefisk:

I tried idefisk and found it won’t save the settings. Comes up with a “Config File Not Found” every time I started it. Haven’t tried firefly yet but a lot of those softphones don’t actually work.

config the phone, then right click on the tray icon, the hit save.