New to asterisk -- NEED HELP

Hy! I want to implement Asterisk to a small lan. I want to have 16 interiors and connect them with 2 outside lines?
I want to know if what will be cost involved for this. I want only telephone. I don’t need voice mail or any ohter stuff.
PS were can i find a good tutorial???

The situation you are describing is fairly common. You would need the following hardware.

1.) PC w/NIC - faster is better, at least 1GHz
2.) Analog Card, here are some supported ones ( )
3.) SIP / IAX Phone ( software based or hardware based ) there are some free software SIP phones like X-Lite by Xten

As far as configuring asterisk, here are three sites that have good information about setting up what you are looking to do. ( personal favorite )

I don’t know if I’ve seen an exact howto for what you are trying to do, but you should be able to piece it together based on the knowledge on those sites.

Hope this helps, repost if you have more questions,

Thanks Dan