Ok think i'll get comments abt my setup proposal this time?

I repeat :blush:

I have 20 personal computers in LAN with full duplex soundcard, microphone(headset)

I will use this setup for making PC to PC phone calls(same as intercom in office)

in addition I have a Linux server, in which i will be installing asterisk


I have Internet Connection - DSL of speed 128kbps

I will be using asterisk for making calls to PSTN numbers(PC to Phone calls-like making outbound calls from each intercom, as well as receive calls at each PC installed with softphone)

so what are the additional hardware components needed?

i figured out,
Digium TDM01B (Asterisk, Linux server, for PSTN connectivity (1 line) )

And on clients, in all Personal Computers-running Windows 2000 professional (which have Softphones like SJPhone,As the softphones can also make PSTN calls)

please any comments about my finding and suggestions?

That is all you need. Computer running Asterisk, TDM card foth FXO port and softphone.

Since you are buying TDM card, I sugest you to buy one with FXO and FXS port. It is weary convinient to plug old analog phone and call. Price is 195$.

there is no need for any additional card to make outside calls (PSTN)? (not in Linux server running Asterisk)