Can I send calls from my remote Asterisk Server to my home

I am currently using Vonage along with Time Warner Cable. I do not have a static IP address at my house. What I want to do is install Asterisk on my Proxmox server (on a VPS) and then use that service for my home phone. Can I do that?

I suspect I can, but I’m muzzy on the steps. Anyone have some advice to get me started?

Sure can. But perhaps you can add more information as to what type of phone you will have at home. if you have some kind of IP phone you should just be able to register it to to you server on the VPS. in the SIP .conf section for the phone just put NAT=yes I think it is. Then you would need an IP provider of some sort pointing at you VPS and bingo you can make calls. You said you have vonage. I have not delt with them before but I do not thin you will be able to interface the vonage ATA to asterisk with out some third party firmware.