How to Remote my server

Hello friends, please I have asterisk freePBX in my office and I want to access it at home, so that I can use to call when I am at home, so please what I have to do? Thanks!!! I need help from anyone

You need a public ip address for your server or you need to forward sip and rtp ports ( 5060 / 10000-20000 ) to your asterisk box . Then you can register your sip phone or softphone remotely from you house . If you are forwarding ports you may need to configure nat settings in astering as well .

well, I have already forwarded the port 5060 and 10000 - 20000. So now I need to need to configure nat settings, So please can you tell me step by step? Thanks

First try registering your sip extensions and making a call . you will find … erisk.html usefull in configuring NAT if needed .

If you can not even Register you should check your firewall and make sure if your Internet Service Provider doesnt filter voice traffic . In some countries such as mine Internet Service providers filter SIP,IAX2,RTP,etc traffic and we use different types of vpns to pass signalling and RTP traffic .( I hope you are not in such countries :wink: )

Well, I did it but I dont have fixed IP address, so how to connect it now?

This is a support question, not a general comment.

The easiest way is to use a VPN, so that you can work with static, and ideally fixed, addresses.

However, you should also be able to address this at the phone end, by using a NAT aware configuration on the phone, or a SIP aware NAT router at the phone end.

I’m assuming that your ISP doesn’t take any anti-server measures.

you can use dynamic DNS solution if you don’t have any fixed ip address . it will update your ip address dynamically with a url you receive for that IP .

Thanks you guys :smiley: