Call pass through (routing)

Guys… I’m really new to this, and may not be using the correct terminalogy here. I’m trying to create a solution and was wondering if asterisk and some other hardware could do the trick. Essentially, I want to be able to make a call to my home via my cell phone. Then I need a device to “pick up”, and give me a dial-tone from my vonage phone line located at home.

Can this be done? What other hardware do I need?

It can be done although Vonage does not play very nice with Asterisk. You will need to purchase Vonage’s softphone feature to get Asterisk to work with it.


Its possible if you already have the Vonage hardware. All you need is an FXO port to connect to the vonage phone(and of course another to connect to your PSTN line) and setup your dial-plan to give you access through Asterisk to the Vonage FXO port.


I would advice Sipura 3000. Works like a charm. Installed once and never had any problems…