Home proxy?

A total newbie asks…

My home office is connected to an external hosted Asterisk service for all company phone calls. PSTN calls go to a separate phone. I’m wondering if I can set up a home Asterisk server to act as a proxy onto the hosted service and - via a POTS to IP interface - handle calls over my POTS line as well?

If this were possible might it also allow me to use a Cisco 7970 phone that’s currently gathering dust as - being behind NAT - it won’t register with the hosted service (evidently it’s well documented that these phones will only work with servers on the same subnet).

Many thanks. GeoffT.

If I understand you correctly you want to have Cisco Phone -> Home Asterisk Server -> Remote assterisk server (and have some calls go out over your local PSTN) ? If that is correct then yes you can do that. You can set up your system that with a specific prefix it should go out through the PSTN and through another prefix should use VOIP.

Technically it would not be a proxy, but rather a fully fledged PABX, however what you want should be easy.

Typically one would implement the POTS gateway function in the Asterisk system itself, rather than using some external VoIP to POTS interface.