[help needed]Asterisk dial VOIP based phone

Hi! I want to ask if Asterisk can dial my home phone wich is VOIP phone registered with VOIP phone company. Can I dial home phone with Asterisk without registration? I know my home phone number and IP. How to do it? Thanks!


depends on what adapter the phone uses and how its configured. but you could try something like


I will try that later. I’m trying to use SIPp to do the same thing right now. I don’t know if I can make it work. If I only know my home IP address, can Asterisk call my home phone? Thanks!


it depends. You need a service that uses SIP, so no cable company voice. first you will need to forward the appropriate ports to your home phone’s ata. Then send a call to it’s IP, or maybe to your phone number @ its ip.

This assumes that the device will accept incoming sip calls from hosts other than its registered proxy, which is by no means assured.

so it may work or it may not. sorry thats not helpful :frowning:

It’s very nice of you for answering my questions. These days, my advisor wants me to make it work by SIPp. I started to learn SIPp these days. I still want to try it by Asterisk and your suggestions are very helpful. I really appreciate it. I will let you know what happend after I tried it again. Thanks a lot!