Can i change default dial tone?

We know that asterisk has default dial tone when a sip or an other phone got connected to it or register to it .My question is that can we change the default dial tone instead of the std tone.Suppose i want to hear a music when my softphone got register with asterisk.Is it possible…if yes how???..please reply


Most (not sure if all?) SIP phones generate their own dial tone.

we have a file called indication.conf does it work to implement this??..i have checked it out but got some frequency setting…normally for the telephone exchange the dial tone is generated by the telephone exchange right…
does asterisk generate any dial tone similar to this??if it generate how can we change it???.

indications.conf is ok if you’re putting the audio down the line yourself (via the dialplan (playtones)).

Most VoIP phones soft and hard, deal with tones themselves. The dialtone, the ringtone, the ringing tone, the busy tone, etc. etc.

Most of those phones should allow you to change the sound set. Some will have various sound sets built in that can be configured. For example, configure the phone for UK tones, or US tones. Some phones will allow you to put in your own audio… so you could play music (check royalties), or whatever.

Dealing with custom tones from Asterisk itself will mean using the dialplan. Answering all calls and sending down the relevant tone. Of course. this will require manipulation of the CDR, as all calls will be answered and shown a billing length, though X amount of that time may have been signalling tones (which you shouldn’t charge for).

thanks for the reply…i have one more doubt …as u said we can make it by the dial plan.But how can me make a channel answered as soon as the caller picks up the receiver ???