Changinf the sound the caller hears after dialing

I am familiar with Asterisk, but not the inner workings of it. Our system is set up and running, but the admin is unavailable for a couple of days, so I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help or a pointer in the right direction.
We have several phone numbers, that are routed differently. When callers dial one of them, they hear a loud hissing noise instead of the regular ringing tone or our welcome message. This happened after we restarted the server, so I am guessing something went wrong with the sound files or something. Which file controls what a caller hears before we pick up the phone?

Thank you.

Depending on the dialplan, either the phone itself, or indications.conf. There is no sound file for call progress tones.

That’s a little different. I am not talking about the tone I hear when I dial out. Basically, when someone dials our number, Asterisk immediately picks up and plays a welcome message. Depending on the number that was dialed, it is either a welcome message, or regular “tones” (so the caller thinks noone picked up yet) until someone actually picks up the phone.


indications.conf applies to all tones generated after answer. Before answer, the phone determines the tone.