Can Asterisk manage inward/outbound DIDs?

Need some quick advice. I currently resell local DID’s to a select user base but am having trouble getting more DID’s in areas where they are requested. Currently each user is assigned a local DID that is then forwarded to a specified outbound number.

I am curious if Asterisk could help me in this scenario. [b] I would like to have one local number for each location, then each caller would have an ‘extension’ or identifier that would automatically forward that call to a different termination number.[/b]

This could alleviate the need for me to scour for individual local DIDs that are difficult to find for more rural areas (which has not been successful without using many different providers).

I would be running/administering any application on a windows based system.

Any advice is appreciated!

I don’t see why not, but your terminology is confusing as the VoIP world misuses the term DID.