Can Asterisk do this?

Hi All,

I’m completely new to Asterisk and I’m trying to figure out if it can do what I want otherwise I’ll have to look for alternatives.

The basic functionality I’m after is as follows:

  1. Windows 2008 server runs some software that generates alarms for different sites we have out there.

  2. Using C#.Net I need to be able to generate a sound file of any alarms that occur on the fly (say using Ivona text to speech … or apparently they have some Asterisk module as well that I need to explore).

  3. The program will then look up what site cause the alarm and depending on the region it needs to call a certain person’s mobile phone number.

  4. If the call is answered then Asterisk should play the file (question is how do I get the file from the Windows server to the Asterisk linux server)…

  5. The user can then press a button to acknowledge the alarm.

  6. This gets recorded in the Windows MSSQL database.

I think would use analog telephony card.

I saw there’s a Asterisk.NET project, but it has next to no documentation.



Asterisk can easily do what you want.

It better to let asterisk linux server to generate sound file, C# work on linux well and it will reduce traffic between servers.
So, you can send parameters to asterisk server to explain it what to do and how to do. And server will answer you what it did and what was the result, maybe straight to database (which dbms to use doesn’t play role).

With user pressing buttons asterisk doesn’t have problems too.