C# dialer for asterisk?

Can Any1 tell me the dialer for asterisk written in C# ???
any1 have source code of dialer or any kind of help??

Could U explain - what do U expect from your external dialler?

Do you know of anything in C# (open source) that will connect to asterisk?

I’d be interested in checking out some code for it. In 2000 I did some work in VC++ and would like to just write something basic in C# (.net) for the fun of it.

What do you mean by dialer? Automatic, or a softphone, or a click-to-call feature?

Can you plz give some tips or reference how to start. I want to make calls on PSTN PRI.

I am use to of making such custom software, but in windows envoirment using different telephony cards like dialogic etc.
I want to switch on Asterisk & Linux due to cost factor. Plz suggest how should i start. I want to use C#, any sample code or reference ? how to build such application ? using which api ? etc

Thanks in advance

I am new to asterisk, I need to implement outbound dialer, which will pick phone number of persons from database & call them via PSTN PRI, then play IVR for them.

Can I setup asterisk for this purpose? or
I need to write a program (C#), if this how ?

  1. Open a TCP socket to port 5038

But better still, follow this example.

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … 3A+C+Sharp

Good luck. Make it open source so the same sh_t doesn’t have to be repeated time and time again by a thousand different people - you’ll generate a lot of work/traffic from the windows folk.

Private Message me if you want to do something like that.

Good Luck!

This is an API that wll get you access to the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI). You can use the “Originate” command to start a call


I am new to Asterisk & linux, I have 2 PRI, I want to shift on asterisk solution.
I want to dedicate all 30 channels of one PRI as a outgoing channel, Channel will pick
telephone numbers to make outgoing call from database, then make calls, when call drops
the process will automatically repeat.
I want also to develop a program which will run when call connected, Like play menus
file , get DTMF etc.
I want to use C++ or C# on same Asterisk server. (not client)

kindly guide me soultion stepwise.

thankz in advance

I would suggest you look into ViciDial, probably does everything you need\want and more.

the open source version

support and consulting

can any one tell me which linux version should i use
like centos,redhat etc and asteriskNOW install which linux version?
which 1 is better asteriskNOW or tribox and which 1 is free?
please guide me thankz

You can choose any distro - the one you have experience with…
Linux is a kernel anyway…
FreeBSD works good for me.

If you prefer gui-like controlling of your installation - choose trixbox

To my opinion, asteriskNOW is a bit raw…
“Basic” versions of trixbox are free…

Get the most of * - config files are not something impossible…

Thanks, I have no experince in Linux so your recommendation id require.

If I use Trixbox CE as you mention, install it via Live CD, Which core linux distribution it will install ? Either it will be GUI based. As I found (may be wrong) GUI will be available only fro ASTERISK not for operating system, Like in centos we can edit, move , copy, past a file easy via OS GUI. ? so some other task is easy in GUI base OS.

Which OS (like Linux-centos) Trixbox Live CD will install ?

After new AsteriskNow 1.5, Centos based with FreePBX. Is Trixbox CE (free) still better for me ? plz recommend

Whats IF I installed AsteriskNow 1.5 then install Trixbox CE to use Trixbox on centos insteed of FreePBX.
Is Trixbox CE is better then or rich in feature then FreePBX and easy.
Is Live CDs of TRixbox & A.Now do same configuration.

  1. most Imp, Is there some limitation using Trixbox ce then Pro & FreePBX, i want to use C# scripting.

I want to use recomended configuration, but GUI base OS so i can handle it easily (i have experince of only windows base OS)

Plz guide on each points, I will be very thanksful to your support.
(I have no previous experince in Linux & Asterisk, but i really want to switch on this solution. Studing different web sites but some confusions)