[#Dynamic Voice Prompts . Is Asterisk capable?#]

Hello all.
I need to develop a solution, and wanna know if asterisk can accomplish this:

  1. A person calls;
  2. In a voice menu, he press a code;
  3. I capture this code, send to a application that do a query at the mysql and returns some text.
  4. Considering that i have the audio files (mp3 or wave) to all texts, I need to point to asterisk, to play these voice files to the caller;

Can I do this with asterisk, or any other pbx platform?



The short answer is yes, Asterisk can do this. Asterisk can access a MySQL database to extract information in a dialplan. In addition you can either play mp3 (or wav or gsm) files as you suggest or Asterisk with the correct plugins can perform text to speech translation.


please see here: astertools.com
if you download the asterLive iso, you can setup such solution within minutes inside the WEB GUI of IVAN, you can use the solution for free if you do not have the needs of more than one concurrent call.