Callingpost type application

Anybody know of an asterisk add-on that would allow creation of a type scenario? user could access via web, retrieve their set of phone numbers, record a message, and each number would be called and when the party answers the message would be played.


There are open source solutions out there like Vicidial that you can use. If you wanted a web interface that worked with asterisk just like them you would need to customize it a bit. If you have multiple clients using the system I would consider writing some customs software that would work with Asterisk.

Well, Dovid, hello again.

Our company makes non-profit fundraising and school management software, and we plan to offer our clients a calling post type service. Vicidial looks like the type of thing we would need.

You need to look at it extensively to see if it fits for what you need. No sense in molding your software around Vicidial. Only use it if it helps you. Creating your own dialer for basic outbound calls is not hard to do with a little PHP+MySQL+Asterisk.

It is not that I mind a little programming, it is just that I am under a time and manpower constraint. Any others besides vicidial?

Not that I know of. Once you get the hang of it, it should not be that hard to do. You can also try and see if some one will bid to build it.

Start with Vicidial and see how it goes.