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I am new here. I am working on a front-end solution for an outbound call-center and I would like to know if Asterisk could help me to work on the back-end management of the call center. A little bit of context:

  • I will create list of customers that will need to be contacted
  • I need to have a system that call (automatic call distibution / predicive call, etc) to those customers
  • I need to send the information of the Customer that have pick-up the phone to the agent that is waiting (with the front-end solution I have developed)

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I would need to know if Asterisk could help me develop those functionalities

It is predecitive & auto dialer system, using PHP / MYSQL and Asterisk you can do it

Thank you ambiorixg12. So I can build the system I need with PHP / MYSQL and Asterisk. Is this functionality covered by any of the packages already offered by Asterisk & Digium?

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There is one third party package that people use for outbound centres, Vicidial.

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Thank you david551, what are the main differences between Vicidial and Asteriks?
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Vicidial uses Asterisk.

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Asterisk is a toolkit which can be used to build many things, including call center software. Vicidial uses it for that purpose - just like FreePBX uses it for PBX purposes.

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vicidial/goautodial like solutions are already their.
what else you require?

you might use https://github.com/pipobscure/NodeJS-AsteriskManager

Normally, the front-end comes after the back-end.
You can read about my back-end and front-end development here.