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Hi everybody,
I hope that I’m in the good forum. So, I’ve got an SDSL internet line and A server with fedora core.
I would like to use Asterix for my business. But I’ve got some questions mainly about calling normal phones.

So as I’ve said before, I’ve got a SDSL line and a server with fedora core. I would like to know if with this I can setup a gateway to call normal phones? If not what do I need else to become my own VoIP gateway provider.

Will asterix fit on my actual configuration

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I Hope you could help me

To call to a “normal” phone on the PSTN you need at least one of two things:

A) a VOIP provider that you connect to over any type of internet connection

B) an analog or digital card that you plug into either analog phone lines (regular copper lines) or a an ISDN/T1/E1 or J1 line

Somewhere along the line someone has to implement option B, if you go with option A the provider you choose will implement option B for you (for a fee of course).

Hi swaterhouse,
So what I would like to setup is the same system as SKYPE but only for my enterprise.

So in my mind I was thinking to have a server equiped with the essential card on which I would install Asterix and then use a private software to connect to the server through Internet and call phone on the PSTN.

My line is a T3. So by using this method it will be as if I was my own VoIP provider and won’t have any fee. I’m I right?

Which card do you advise me?

Thanks a lot

Is the T3 your internet line? I assume so. If not you would need to break that out into T1’s to connect to Asterisk and you would probably want 7 servers (each with 4 T1’s) since you should not run more than one card per server.

You will have to pay the phone comany for the service if you purchase a Digital card for your asterisk server.

SKYPE users cannot call people on normal phones for free, they can oly call other SKYPE users fo free. As I said before calling normal phones ALWASY involve some sort of fee either directly to the phone company or to a VOIP provider. YES there are some free VOIP providers but there service is usually poor and/or you cannot always get on.

What could be free is if you used Asterisk to call from one office to another office within your company. But if you want to call out to the rest of the world you would need to choose either option listed in my other post.

Hi swaterhouse,
thanks for your reply. Yes the T3 is my internet line as I do webhosting, streaming and so on. I’ve got one last question.You said:

It’s for my internet line you are talking about or I’ll have to pay another phone company for each call.

Thank you very much for taking time reading and replying me.

What exactly are you trying to do?