Can I make normal phone calls with asterix?

Hi everybody,
I have a server an I would like to have my own VoIP system on it. I would like to know:

  1. If I can phone to normal phones and mobile phones.
  2. If I can use it to make international call.

Thank you very much

1 and 2 are both possible if you get the server some kind of PSTN connection. You can use a telephony board and use your existing telephone lines, or you can sign up with a VoIP provider and * will talk directly to the provider over the Internet.

If you get a VoIP provider, make sure they support BYOD. BYOD means they will give you the SIP info you need to hook * into it, instead of forcing you to use a device they send you (which is next to useless).

Hi thanks for replying,
I have a fedora linux server. After downloading asterix, what next should I do before I can call?
I mean what else should I install on the server to get it work

Thanks very much


It seems from your original question the subsequant one you need to read up on what voip is and what Asterisk is. It sounds like you want an out of the box solution. This is not Asterisk, With Asterisk you need to know what you want to do and have an idea on how it is to be done

Have a look at the wiki.


Hi thanks for your reply. I’ll read it and I think it will reply to my questions about VoIP.

Have a look at the book: Asterisk: The future of telephony … .php?id=11


I am new to asterisk.

I have just installed the Asterisk on Fedora Linux 4, kernal: 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4.

My purpose for installing asterisk is to handle the no of calls (500 to 1000), I found that asterisk is capable to do it.

Initially i want to configure the existing asterisk with some voip service provider, try to make multiple calls and monitor the system. If this will be successful then i’ll by the cards which can support T1 or E1 lines and will proceed for futher developments.

so Please guide me to configure astrisk with other service provider (or another asterisk machine).

Can i make a call using h323 client through asterisk?


Jigar Thakkar.

My question is more or less on the line of the ones on this thread, so rather than creating a new one I will bump this one.

I’m at the moment gathering the neccesary “bits and bobs” so to speak to deploy structured cabling at home.

I have most of the core components (server, patch panel, switch, cabinet, power, cable, tools, bla bla bla) and I’m at the crucial point of deciding how to integrate telephony on it.

And is at this crucial point when I learn about Asterisk.

I’ve been flying through the wiki and the first chapters of the e-book, but somehow the vast amount of information available seems to bounce against the massive granite block my brain is embedded in.

So, to put it as simple as possible, so it becomes a yes/no question:

If I plug a TDM01B on the server (for PSTN inbound/outbound purposes), running Asterisk with a VoIP registrar configured on it, and I plug two VoIP telephones on my network with the Asterisk server configured on them as “gateway” so to speak, Asterisk will let me receive/manage/make calls from and to either PSTN or VoIP through my provider supporting all the functionalities (Caller ID, Called ID on waiting, three way conference, choose which line to use to dial out, identify which line is generating the call… you name it).

Did I get it right or suddenly I’ve jumped to an episode of Star Trek?

I sincerely apologize if this is been answered n times already.

To answer your questio: YES !! You can. Also I found that the best way to digest the information from the book is to play along as you read. When I really got in to it I opend the book and logged in via ssh and followed the examples one by one untill I got the hang of it.

Thank you for your answer Dovid.

Time then to soak all the possible info, as this radically changes how I planned to integrate telephony.

And if I get it right it changes it for much better.