Thinking of using but i have a question

I have a house with a standard phone line (PSTN) and i would like to know if and what do i need to have a asterix pbx at my home.

If you want to use your standard telephone lines with * you will need to purchase some hardware. Checkout digiums website for their starter kit. It’s a few bucks more than I was willing to spend but if you want to use your PSTN circuit you’ll need something like this.

I’m just a tightwad and got my system going without any new purchases first to be sure * was what I wanted. I did purchase an IP SIP phone from But there are plenty of free softphones available on the web to get your system running and tested. You can also find plenty of VOIP provider out there. Some are free, others charge for their service especially if you choose one that hooks you into the PSTN. This is what I do and I do it without my home circuitry. Works great and my friends are amazed at how I can spoof my callerid to make it look like I’m in Alaska or in their livingroom when I call them.

The other piece of advice I would give you is be prepared to read lots of docs and article and tutorials. * is easy once you get the hang of it but getting the hang of it when you work full-time is not easy. If you intall on Linux you’ll have less trouble as most of the docs and articles are centered around Linux installs. Good luck.
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