CallerID Not Displaying

Hello all, I am setting up an asterisk server (Version 1.2) and am running into a problem having CLID (From the PSTN) passing to my SIP phones…

Every incomming call from the PSTN shows up as ‘asterisk’ on the actual phone (A Polycom 501, SIP v1.5) Below is my zapata.conf, I can’t figure this one out, and it’s driving me nuts! As you can see I’ve got two FXO and one FXS cards…


;define channels
channel => 5-12

channel = 1-4

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

i remember something about new dial behavior with 1.2, try doing dial(whatever,o) and see fi that helps?

You got my hopes up there, :smile: but no, i’m afraid that didn’t work… No one else has come accross this?

Can you please post the relevant extensions/sip.conf sections

If this a new line… Did you check if caller ID is transmitted from your telco at all?

easy way to check- first priority when the call comes in, do NoOp(${CALLERIDNAME} calling from ${CALLERIDNUM}). This will print out what caller id data you got to the console

Similar problem, I can’t get CALLERID to appear, even when I explicitly turn it on from the calling PSTN. Per your suggestion, I added:

exten => s,2,NoOp(${CALLERIDNAME} calling from ${CALLERIDNUM})

But Asterisk CLI reports:

-- Executing NoOp("Zap/4-1", " calling from ") in new stack

So clearly I’m not receiving it in Asterisk.

My zapata.conf has

Where should I start looking?


[quote=“wmconlon”]Where should I start looking?[/quote] This is what I would do, not sure if I state the obvious: In order to isolate the problem, you need a plain old analog phone which can show caller ID. Connect it to the phone line and get a call from a phone you have made sure that caller ID is working, your cell phone isprobably a good candiate.
If the caller ID shows in the plain old analog phone when called, PSTN should be working fine, problem with Asterisk. If not, you will give your Telco a call.

oops. I forgot to order CID for this line.