Hi Everybody

I am new to asterisk

I have successfully installed asterisk, Also I have attached X400P card
It is working properly and I am able to call my box from outside my home and it works properly

But What i want to know is that, It does not Provide the Caller id Information,

i edit zapata.conf (usecallerid, cidsignalling and tries all possibilities but i gets no result. If some body has Got the solution to this problem than please Help me.

Any help and comments will be appreciated,

Thanks in Advance,

Can you post your Zapata.conf file on here? Only the configuration part not the whole file if your working of the sample one that * provides you.

Also are you running any AGI scripts? If so do you have it configured to show the caller ID as received?

Post up some details so we can see if we can spot the yellow monkey amongst the red ones.