Caller ID

Hi :astonished: i’m using asterisk and it’s working perfectly but, i don’t know how to get the CallerID num of the person who is calling to my asterisk, I’m using the var ${CALLERID(num)} and in zapata channels

My FXO cards are Openvox wit 2 FXO ports
in the both channels i have
but in the output of the asterisk CLI, the callerid didn’t show nothing.

Who i could see the number of the person who is calling from pstn to me asterisk?
Thank’s guys, i hope you can help me.

What does ${CALLERID(all)} shows you ??

And also : does your PSTN-line support callerid (do you have the right subscription)?

Try ${CALLERID}, or ${CALLERID(all)} as jonaskellens says.

Else try to add “Set(CALLERID(all)=${CALLERID}” to the called extension in extensions.conf