Caller-ID Isn't Coming Through

We have recently upgraded asterisk and our linux servers and this has caused a bizarre 1-way audio issue for queue users which we cannot seem to resolve.

We moved from asterisk 11.25.1 to asterisk 14.1.2 and to asterisk 13.8-cert4 with the same negative issue occurring on both installs.

We are currently using Ubuntu 16.04.1, which was upgraded from a prior version.

The issue -----------

We have lost caller-id on at least 50% of our inbound calls. Nothing has changed with our carriers or our trunks. No configuration changes have occurred. The upgrade has, for some reason, restricted caller-id.

These settings are relevant on the Caller ID transmission and reception


Also you need to post a sip trace when caller id reception fails

Thank you for your quick response. I will post a SIP trace. We already have those setting set to yes.

Also, what is odd is CID is coming through on some calls as expected. Not all inbound routes provide CNAM, therefore, we never had CID (name) on all calls. However, now this data has been restricted and “almost” eliminated after our upgrade. Even so, some CALLERID(name) comes through but it’s much less frequent after the upgrade.