Callee hears loud BEEP when picking up

Asterisk version = 1.4.33
Eicon Diva server connected to E1 trunk.
Digium T4xx connected to E1 trunk.
Eicon BRIx4 connected to ISDN lines.

Hi all.

Been looking for an answer to this for quite sometime, but wasn’t able to find any relevant post or documentation… :neutral_face:

Our customers use a call center application that fetches phone numbers from a database and auto dials them through Asterisk.

When the callee picks up the line, he ALWAYS gets a loud and rather annoying BEEP before he’s connected with the calling agent.

This only happens with cards connected to E1 trunks or ISDN lines. When using no cards and SIP trunks, the callee is connected to the agent without any BEEP.

Two questions here :

_ Is that beep generated by the Asterisk when he reaches for the agent in order to bridge the two legs of the call?
_ Is there any way to remove that BEEP or replace it with something else?

Any help would be much appreciated! :wink: