Almost full analong system..troubles

ok i have 10% of my phones as sip phones because the school doesnt want to upgrade completely…so the rest are analog…i have 3 servers with 2 te411p cards, going to channel bands and 1 server having all the incoming t1’s so there is a lot of iax traffic to call someone on another server.

the current problem is, when person A (sip/analog) dials to person B (analog) (lets say 7 digits) , when person B picks up the phone, they can here the beeping of the digits person B dialed. I tried to stop this by usign answer and wait but that doesnt work… any ideas?

Dear Sir

I have the same card as you. Would you mind let me know which version of asterisk you are using?

(1)Checking out from CVS head OR
(2)down the “stable” versoin from
Like : Asterisk Downloads Version 1.0 Asterisk Version 1.0.9 Zaptel Version .0.9.2 Libpri Version 1.0.9 Addons Version 1.0.9 Sounds Version 1.0.9

Thanks a lot