No answer call problem


Im hoping someone can help me as Im new to Asterisk and Im strugglingt to find a relatively “active” forum where someone can help.

Ive actually got a basic PBX in a Flash system installed with SIP trunks and a PSTN phone line. The problem is that whenever I call in from the PSTN trunk, after about 24seconds, I just hear beep beep beep. Voicemail is disabled, but I was hopin to divert the call to another extension but the beep beep beep seems to stop this.

I was iniitally using a SPA-3102 VoIP adapter for both the exntesion and the incomign PSTN and thought this was playing the tones, but Im now using an FXS card and the call is going to a SIP extension. Im still hearing the beeps so it must be Asterisk that is generating it.

Thanks in advance,