Call Transfer & Parking from SIP phones

Fellow techies,

I’m hoping this is an issue with a simple solution. Setup is Asterisk Certified 13-21, using a mix of POTS ports (over a T1 card with Adtran channel banks) and SIP phones (assorted makes, mostly Siemens OpenStage and Polycom).

The problem: I try to initiate parking or transferring a call from any of the SIP phones, and nothing happens. It works great from the analog side, but that’s because you can just flash the switch hook to get Asterisk DT and dial your command.

I have the features enabled in features.conf, obviously. I also have Tt at the end of every line it’s supposed to be on in the dialplan. I’ve defined, in features.conf, what the DTMF codes should be to initiate a transfer, and I’ve programmed the feature keys in the Siemens phone to send those codes when pushed.

However – It won’t work. I’m on a call on said Siemens phone, and I push the key for Transfer. It sends the DTMF code, but Asterisk does nothing with it.

What the blazes am I missing?


I believe You want the ‘k’ option on your Dial attempts not ‘t’ if you wish to use DTMF parking.

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