SIP Hold


I have a Siemens Gigaset C450 IP working with my Asterisk box, however, the phone has no built-in hold button (at least not until one of the upcoming firmware updates).

Is there a way to put a call on hold and take it off hold with DTMF, like something you define in features.conf and assign a number (for example *7) to it? Or any other way do do it?

Many thanks for you help, -sven

if you want to be able to put a call on hold indefinitely, it might be better to use a parking slot rather than a transfer hold.

in features.conf you define your slots, the parking extension and the timeouts. then simply blind transfer the caller to the park extension, listen for the slot number, then dial that to retreive the call.

you could probably define an application and DTMF string in the application map, i guess it depends how easy you want the process to be.

That’s my “plan B” :smile: However, I was hoping there’s an easier way to mimic the hold button most phones feature. The advantage: One button (or feature.conf item, for instance *6) can toggle on and off hold. With parking, you need different feature.conf items for the two steps. Thus no toggling which is why you can’t assign this functionality to a single button.

(Some background: Siemens techies are currently thinking about incorporation hold in a future firmware upgrade. They are however considering as well to allow the user to assign DTMF sequences to the R-button in which case you’d need one feature.conf extension to toggle.)

in most of my installs i use the Aastra range of phones, and the hold functionality works perfectly with these.

the “feature” you want sounds possible with Asterisk, maybe a patch, and some dialplan programming … have you had a look on the wiki or done a search through the mailing-lists archives ?

I can’t find anything suitable. Never mind, I’ll just hook the phone up to the analogue port of my Zaptel, that’ll take care of my hold until Siemens releases a firmware upgrade.

Cheers, -sven