Call transfer intermittant

I’m having an issue that I’m really struggling with.

I have calls that won’t transfer on a some occasions. I am using Polycom phones models IP450 & vvx300 & vvx310. As well it will happen with Zoiper pro, ver 3 softphones, (basically every device I have)

In features.conf I have the attended transfer as #6.

So on calls that don’t work when they press #6 or use the transfer button they caller never gets turned over to moh, and they here the digits press. Its like on these calls the dtmf is not being handled correctly. The agents are transferring calls to other queues or local destinations. On some occasions if they park the call, than retrieve it they can then do the transfer as well.

Its not on any particular did, or inbound line. but it is absolutely a problem for me. I am running an older version of asterisk 11.25.1 and plan to update to ver 16 in the next month but takes some time to get through the change processes.

You could try providing the console output when it happens, but many people in here don’t support people running old versions of Asterisk.

I’ve tried to get debug out but when I did the following
core set verbose = 6
logger reload
logger set level dtmf on
core set debug = 2

I get no dtmf info.
On the call I get no extra data other than the call was answered. when the press the digits you hear them press each digit

Have you checked the Dial line to ensure the feature is turned on? Have you double checked the SIP configuration to make sure it matches what is actually in use?

The dial command has kotT set

The Channels can transfer. Its just some small number of calls. Like 1 in 30 don’t work.