Call tracking with Park

We have several clients that have come from Key-systems and we have been told that calls cannot be tracked to their conclusion if “PARK” is used. There seems to be more traceability if a call is transferred but the call ends with someone using PARK instead.

The issue is that these customer must use PARK as they do not know the location of the person who should pick the call up. So a call comes in, a page is made and then call placed on PARK. The appropriate person (who may or may not be parts of a group, then picks up the call.

Now from an auditing and control perspective this call is now ended by the PARK action.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and is there a known resolution???

Thanks for your help . Don

I assume this is a question about CDRs. The standard answer to difficult CDR cases is Call Event Logging.

I am sorry for taking so long to get back to you … but I do not understand your response.

What is CDR?

The Call Event Logging that I see on this Ipitomy Asterisk system … does not allow you to uniquely trace a call that come into the system, gets Parked, answered, gets Parked and then completed …

If you know how to read the logs to do this … please point me in the right direction.

tanx. .Don

PS . .it took this long to get passwords and ids to get back to this forum.


CDR = call detail record, the only call accounting interface prior to version 1.6.2. It attempts to output something close to billing records, whereas call event logging outputs signficant events, which you have to put together by your software.

As you are using a commercially packaged solution, you should really be asking Ipitomy for this support. Any connection at all with Asterisk seems buried deep on their web site and their brochures seem to given no clue as to the presence of Asterisk, let alone which version it is, and how they may have enhanced it.